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Some of the startups we helped.

At Beyond Scopes, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow online.
We understand the unique challenges and goals of each of our clients, and work closely with them to develop customized solutions that deliver results.

Here are just a few examples of the startups we've helped in the past.

Somerton Sporting Club

Somerton Sporting Club arranges sporting training and development for high achievers. They advise on nutrition, development, training and logistics and help people become the best that they can be in their chosen sport. They have a global network of sports professionals and world champions.

We came on board and helped them build their platform from scratch:

  • Set up infrastructure (source control, environments, CI).
  • Created a highly effective small crossfunctional team.
  • Introduced Agile processes. Achieved client satisfaction and increased quality & speed to market.
  • Worked closely with CEO to align strategies & lead effective buildout.
Somerton clubs
Somerton ski
Somerton values


MySomerton is the second platform we built for Somerton Sporting Club.

MySomerton can be seen as the Airbnb of sports. It is a fully functional marketplace (including payments, chat, jobs scheduling & notifications) for any sport activity.

It is the one place for anyone who needs to book a sport session; be it a surfing lesson, a polo lesson, or even a more relaxed yoga session. The platform shows ratings and reviews of each coach, and offers an easy and reliable filtering system allowing anyone to find the best coach they need.

MySomerton coaches
MySomerton pilates


Emolument was founded in 2012 as a disruptive platform to initiate a transparency revolution in the world of salary data. Based on a free ‘give-to-get' model, crowdsources and verifies salary information from its users in exchange for providing in-depth pay data analysis and reports. Emolument has raised a total of £1.4 million to-date.

Here's what how we achieved during our time at Emolument:

  • Worked within a cross-functional team to continuously improve, introduce features & adapt to changing business needs.
  • Increased conversion rates & user satisfaction by redesigning UX & creating A/B tests.
  • Improved site performance (db schema, query optimization, cache, design patterns, efficient api usage).
  • Designed & implemented a cost-saving solution using AWS Machine Learning.
  • Implemented an SEO strategy (content generation, URLs, sitemaps).
  • Increased site’s load capacity by 20 after running performance tests.
  • Coded emails that are supported by major email clients & degrade gracefully.

Today Emolument's website gets more than 85,000 monthy visitors organically. This being without spending a penny on advertising!

Emolument report


Percival Media

Football fantasy leagues are very popular, specially in the UK. What about a horse racing fantasy league? Percival Media came up with the idea. They came up with a unique concept for the game.

We helped them develop a fully working prototype in record time! It only took us 8 days! They were then able to easily and quickly validate their idea. With a well built and well designed prototype they now had something appealing to show to potential investors and other industry leaders.



Founded in 2017, ReachX is an FCA regulated platform that offers institutional investors and corporate clients access to investment banking services by leveraging a curated network of senior independent financial services advisors. ReachX is currently a partner of the London Stock Exchange.

We helped them with the maintainance and developement of new features.


MyShowcase is a startup that raised $1.3M and grew to 50 employees. It got acquired by a larger company. Unfortunately after 7 years in business they have now ceased trading. MyShowcase discovered and sold the best brands in independent beauty. They cared about curation and were considered the home of independent beauty brands.

We worked with them as part of their overall rebranding project. We specifically implemented the redesign of their e-commerce website.

We were extremely sad to see them go. All good things come to and end...

Showcase footer
MyShowcase modern
MyShowcase hot


CDS MEA are Dubai-based kitchen and waste management consultants & designers. They're young and fresh company. Similarly to us, they decided it was time to offer the highest quality at an affordable and honest price. They're talented and hardworkers; we love them for that.

We worked with them on an interesting project. We worked from scratch on helping them recreate their brand identity. They needed a unique branding and design that reflected the young spirit and professionalism of the company. We offered them a brand new website with a strong focus on User Experience and Search Engine Optimization. Did we mention the site is completely Multilingual and is offered in both English and Arabic.

CDS MEA services
CDS MEA serve

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